Here Are The Stunning April 1 Jokes Made In The Cryptocurrency Industry!

Here Are The Stunning April 1 Jokes Made In The Cryptocurrency Industry!


1-SEC approves Bitcoin ETF

On the morning of April 1st, 2019, the British economic news website Finance Magnates published a bombshell news that shook the cryptocurrency world with breaking news that the SEC had approved two Bitcoin ETFs (BTC). While there were multiple hints that it was a joke, the serious tone of the text caught many readers off guard. At the time, Google sat at the top in searches for the term Bitcoin. At the same time, within an hour of the article being published, the price of BTC rose by more than 0.5 percent.

Bitcoin is highly volatile, and it is not known whether the April 1 prank caused the uptick. However, it is certainly possible that the article may have led some novice investors to make a hasty decision and buy Bitcoin quickly.

2. I Ethereu, North Korea Accepted Socialism

Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum founder and spokesman, posted a surprising announcement on the Ethereum block. Vitalik conveyed his excitement about the progress of the protocol and the possibility of its readiness for general acceptance. However, as Buterin continued to explain, strange phrases began to emerge. Although Buterin never explicitly said that this explanation was just an April 1 joke, his closing sentence made the joke very clear. His last sentence was as follows:

"Finally, DevCon3 moved to Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea.”

Conscious readers quickly understood Buterin's joke. However, according to historical data from, this did not stop the price of Ethereum from fluctuating radically by almost ten percent in those days.

3-OneCoin Dethroned Ethereum, Becoming The Second Largest Cryptocurrency.

On April 1, 2017, CoinDesk published a radical news story that could send the cryptocurrency ecosystem into panic because readers did not read the entire article. CoinDesk claimed that a federal judge ruled that OneCoin is a legitimate and legal cryptocurrency. The judge therefore instructed CoinMarketCap to list OneCoin. Therefore, the article explained that OneCoin will surpass Ethereum and rise to second place in the cryptocurrency hierarchy in terms of market capitalization. Beyond that, this federal order and decision showed that where there should be a decentralized sector, the government played a heavy role. The news may be enough to prompt some investors to abandon and change their trading plans. But the last line of the article explained that it was a joke as follows:

“The unprecedented price volatility in major cryptocurrencies over the next few days is far from expected because it's just a big joke!”

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