Online psychological support sites: The end of active communication?

Online psychological support sites: The end of active communication?


In these days, when technology has become a means of limiting face-to-face communication, computers and phones have become our best friends. These tools have ceased to be part of our lives and become completely life itself. For this reason, experts began to conduct social experiments aimed at increasing the use of digital tools during the quarantine days. The issue of adherence to digital tools is a major concern by experts as it can cause serious problems with our mental health. As a solution, online psychological support sites are also seen as a different method.

Social media use and video conferences are considered the biggest drivers of this situation. After long-term use quarantine, large changes in people's habits can occur. At the beginning of these changes, of course, is our mental health. A large proportion of people spend their day between the four walls using only social media. It has been observed that these people face many mental and mental problems; with depression, feelings of loneliness, anxiety and various health problems, the list can be quite extended.

Most people who start their lives at home with COVID-19, which has an impact all over the world, leave their fate in the hands of digital tools. This, in turn, leads us to the search for new methods to reduce the effects on our mental health in the long term.

Is technology part of the puzzle?

The argument that people are a social being, which psychologists and sociologists talk about a lot, may have changed meaning with technology. The long-term sustainability of video conferences and online interviews, which became quite common during quarantine days, is addressed together with this issue. The home work system, online lessons and live meetings can become an indispensable part of our lives now mold as normal habits. Google and Facebook have already offered their employees the option to work from home by the end of the year. It means that as a result of this crisis, a different relationship between us and the digital world can be created. Is the concept of social existence evolving into technology?

Online Psychological Support Sites

People who encounter various psychological problems during quarantine days are again throwing themselves into the arms of technology. People who couldn't leave the house and stayed alone with their thoughts all day started writing “online psychologist sites” on search engines this time. In the face of increasing demand for online psychologists, we can now encounter many therapy sites that are starting to do this work more actively. Students experiencing exam stress, people struggling with depression and many people seeking support for eating disorders are turning to these sites. At the same time, psychological counseling centers of schools also play a leading role in this regard. My home psychologist, psychologist's Office, NpIstanbul and many local sites such as these provide online therapy services in digital environments. Moreover, you can choose psychologists who are categorized according to which field they are experts. Of course, it would be best for everyone to do good research on this issue.

In the face of the growing importance of Online therapy sites, the question arises to what extent the use of technology will be affected. For this reason, the increase in demand for this system, which has become widespread throughout the world due to the epidemic, has been the subject of curiosity. So websites began publishing numerical data about how much their demand had increased. For example, from Sweden, which hosts therapists from many parts of the world its site recently announced a 30% increase in demand. Users who receive support also instill confidence in other people by making positive returns to the system.

Can these be a solution to the psychological problems that arise with the contribution of digital tools? Or do we remain part of a cycle like” Ouroboros, “called” the snake that eats its own tail"? It looks like it will be a topic worth discussing for a long time.

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