A Subpoena To The BitClout Platform That Everyone Is Talking About!

BitClout incurred the wrath of Brandon Curtis ' lawyers.


Anderson Kill, one of the largest US law firms, has recently sent a decision to halt operations on a cryptocurrency and blockchain project called BitClout, which is in everyone's language.

Received Investment From Leading Investment Companies

BitClout is known as a platform that aims to take investments from Coinbase, a16z, Pantera and almost all imaginable cryptocurrency sector-focused investment firms and implement a revolutionary technology. BitClout, which has a Twitter-like structure, allows those who use the social media platform to have their own cryptocurrency.

On BitClout, the profile of 15,000 of the most famous and active people currently on Twitter and other social media platforms has been automatically created. In order to use the platform, you must either be one of the people in question or find the password to log in to the platform.

Celebrity CEOs Join Bitclout

In addition to being a different cryptocurrency for each of the users, the network's own cryptocurrency, BitClout, also has investment value. Legal threats to the platform, which already include the Gemini cryptocurrency exchange's founders, the Winklevoss brothers, renowned billionaire Chamath Phalipatiya and FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried, are on the rise. Brandon Curtis, representing Anderson Kill, has stated that he opposes tokenizing his own name and brand in this way.

Curtis ' lawyers emphasize that Bitclout broke California law several times and took steps to break personal data. Curtis has already taken his legal step against the Bitclout platform, which he accuses of using Bitcoin's model to raise funds from venture capital firms.

BitClout is decentralized, right?

Although the Platform is completely decentralized, it is noted that the famous entrepreneur Nader Al-Naji is behind it, and he is also mentioned in the case. Naji, who has been accused of profiting from people's identities, denies the allegations.

It is emphasized that bitclout also lists profiles of famous names such as Elon Musk on the platform and makes a profit thanks to investment in these names. Curtis's profile is being asked to be removed from the platform by the end of March 24, 2021, and otherwise the case could escalate.

BitClout, on the other hand, has already achieved millions of dollars in funding and investment, maintaining decentralized growth. How much impact these cases will have on a decentralized platform is a question of curiosity.

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