Top 10 Most Valuable Start-Ups In The World

Top 10 Most Valuable Start-Ups In The World


This list, where we will look at the most important start-up initiatives in the world, also contains data on the success criteria of these initiatives. We have listed below these startups created in Silicon Valley that offer their owners a fairly happy and successful story. Billion-dollar startups are called unicorn, a semi-magical creature, a unicorn in a fairly short period of time, these companies are also the most obvious and inspiring examples of the success of entrepreneurship and start-up culture, which is becoming more effective every day.


Uber, a vehicle recall app and claimed to have received the largest investment ever, has reached $ 2.5 billion in volume since 2009 with a $ 1.2 billion investment it has received in the past, totaling $ 54 billion.


Xiaomi, one of the most valuable smartphone manufacturers in China, stands out with affordable but well-equipped phones that it produces. The phone maker, which is among the most valuable start-up companies in the world with a value of $ 46 billion, also tends to grow with the investments it receives.


Airbnb was named company of the year in 2014 and received $ 800 million in investment from different funds, showing its impact in an area of $ 21 billion, but according to recent reports, this amount has also reached $ 25 billion.


The company used by Peter Thiel, which produces the writing needed in the field of big data, especially for the US security forces, is one of the most valuable and largest investment companies on the list. The company, which works especially on highly secure software and information technology, was founded in Silicon Valley. The company, valued at more than $ 20 billion, is 4th on the list. it takes place during.


Snapchat, which emerged as a photo-sharing app and soon attracted attention for its very rapid growth, is also one of the shining stars of recent times. The company, which has a market value of about $ 18 billion, has a significant place with the significant investments it continues to receive, although its rapid rise has slowed slightly.

6-Didi Chuxing

Didi Chuxing, an Uber-like car and taxi rental service in China, is one of the world's most valuable start-ups with a value of around $ 17 billion. The company, which has significantly increased its value with an investment of about $ 4 billion that it received in 2015, has a line that tends to grow.


Flipkart, India's most important E-commerce company, Alibaba, Amazon, such as famous e-commerce sites followed by the marketplace model with the realization of a start-up company that is gaining value very quickly. The company, which has achieved significant success in a short time with its value reaching $ 17 billion, recently received an investment of $ 2.5 billion.


SpaceX, implemented by Elon Musk, a famous entrepreneur and founder of a car company called Tesla and a Paypal service, is one of the most interesting items on the list. The company, which operates in the field of space transport and research and has great repercussions with reusable rockets it has developed, is worth $ 13 billion through investments it has received.


Pinterest,which consists of a combination of the English words pin(Pin) and interest(interest),can be summarized as a blog site where news and developments related to special interests can be followed. Founded in 2010, start up today is one of the most valuable start-up companies in the world with a value of about $ 12 billion and millions of users.


Today, more than 25 million users rely on Dropbox to store their data. Dropbox, which makes a very significant difference between it and its nearest competitor and virtually eliminates competition, is one of the most important initiatives of the list with its strong investments and creative structure. The current value of the company is around $ 10 billion.

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