What Is A Coupon Code? What Are The Tips For Boosting Sales?

What Is A Coupon Code? What Are The Tips For Boosting Sales?


There are many tools that enable E-commerce sites to become attractions for customers. By using these tools, it is aimed to bring new buyers to the site and to make them loyal customers by ensuring the continuity of sales to customers who have already made purchases from the site. One of these tools is the application of a discount coupon code, which is very common to use on e-commerce sites and can be offered to customers in various features.

Coupon codes are specially prepared words that allow users to easily apply on the payment page of the purchase, that is, at the stage where customers see the basket amount.

Discounts imposed by these codes can be proportional or consistent. In other words, if you want, you can offer a discount of 10% of the created basket or $ 50 regardless of the amount of the basket. At the same time, discount coupons can be personalized and single-use, or the same code can be used by several times and other users. When the codes are entered in the relevant field, they automatically show and apply the total amount or discount to be provided by the product, brand, categories to which you want the code to be applied to the customer instantly.

What Are The Coupon Code Types?

We can divide coupon codes into several areas according to the area they cover and the way they are made available to the customer. The first of these is the ‘newsletter membership’ discount that customers receive as members of the site. This type of discount, also referred to as Newsletter discount, is the code sent to e-mail addresses when the customer is a member of the brand's newsletter. These codes are usually custom-made and are disposable. The consumer will benefit from the discount by entering the code in the relevant field on the payment page.

The newsletter membership code has many advantages. One of them is that it allows you to create a customer database. You can use the contact information that users provide when registering to announce later campaigns or new products. Since the cost of sending bulk mail is much lower than the cost of advertising, you also contribute to your budget. In this way, you can call on consumers to take action for their next shopping.

A newsletter code is a code that requires membership. But some customers do not want to subscribe to the site. At this point, you can offer discount codes that do not require membership to ensure that customers do not leave your online store without shopping, and to win new customers. If you want, you can define these codes as specific to the products of the specific brand that will be used on your site. Another way is to create a code only for products that are in a specific category. A brand that you will designate as the brand of the month will be of interest to customers. So you can have your customers browse all the products of that brand or category.

Another type of coupon you can use is a ‘product-specific’ coupon. Such coupons provide discounts for a single product or several products that you specify, regardless of category and brand. In this way, you can increase your customer's interest in certain products. You can also set a coupon for a product that has been kept in the basket for a long time and encourage the customer to buy the product.

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