What Is A Takeaway System?

What Is A Takeaway System?


It is a fixed-pay, internet-based, online order retrieval system that we have developed specifically for companies that serve their customers such as takeaways, cafes and grocery stores. Along with this system, you will have a website, an iPhone app, and an Android app specifically designed for your business. It is fast, practical and advantageous! You can easily reach all your customers who order by sms, email or free mobile notification at any time. In addition, with unique Intelligent Marketing Automation in its field, you can guarantee continuous order receipt without any effort.

What does this e-commerce infrastructure that is compatible with your business give you?

* With a website developed for your company, iPhone and Android applications, you quickly become institutionalized on the internet.

* Thanks to the ease of ordering over the Internet, you will gain more customers.

* Your products and services are always up to date with daily menu lists.

* You get the top ranking in Google searches.

* Organize campaigns with SMS, e-mail and free mobile notifications.

* You guarantee order continuity with intelligent marketing automation.

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