Keep Our Ears Shut: WhatsApp Asks Permission To Reveal Our Entire Private Lives!

Keep Our Ears Shut: WhatsApp Asks Permission To Reveal Our Entire Private Lives!


WhatsApp had been bought by Facebook a few years ago. For many years, people also wondered how Zuckerberg continued to use the app without advertising, without asking for money.

WhatsApp's new privacy policies have drawn a backlash from many. As we mentioned in our previous news, under the new privacy policy, Facebook (not the site, but the company that also owns the site) wants access to almost everything except our DNA sequence. Those who do not give access can also not use the app.

What does Facebook want from us?

In fact, to date, whether WhatsApp gave user data to Facebook has always been a matter of debate. Those claims were even hinted at in Zuckerberg's defense in the Senate. And the current situation is more of a statement of knowledge.

Let's also look at the information that users are committed to sharing with Facebook if they agree to the new agreement. This information has a rather long and frustrating list as you read it. The list in the following way:

• Account Information

• Messages

• References

• Status Information

• Transaction and payment data

• Customer support and other communications

• Usage and Registration Information

• Device and Connection Information

• Location Information

• Cookies

• Information that others provide about you (provided by a third party.)

• User complaints (provided from the third party.)

• Businesses on WhatsApp (provided from third party.)

• Third-party service providers (provided from a third party.)

• Third party services (provided from the third party.)

What will Facebook do with the data?

According to Facebook's statement, thanks to this data, data from different social media channels within the company will be integrated. Thus, ancillary services will be improved. The safety, security and integrity of the system will be increased. Communications and corporate interactions between Facebook companies will increase.

Currently, the systems that cause many people to say, "I said apples when I was talking to my friend, I came home aaa Apple advertising," will now become official. Considering that in these days, when we are moving step by step towards a book called Quality country, we are now seeing ads for even products that users are likely to think about thanks to algorithms, all Zukerberg does is ask users for ideas while making things official.

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